Configure your low-voltage system with the MODUL-K-SYSTEM!

Our online configurator provides you with the facility of putting together and configuring your individual low-voltage system on the basis of our MODUL-K-SYSTEMs with just a few mouse-clicks.

Following the selection of the required fields and components, you can then send us the data of your configuration at the touch of a button. Configurations can also be saved, loaded and printed.

This is how it works...

The online configurator is basically designed so that its use is largely intuitive. All red elements can be clicked and are provided with a function.

Step 1: Select fields

On the following page, first select the fields for your system by clicking on the button for adding fields and components buttons in front of the corresponding field types/widths. These fields are always added at the end of the system (graphic on lower half of page), and the position can be changed later by clicking the symbols button for moving fields and button for moving fields under the relevant fields. Fields can be removed from the system with the aid of the button for removing fields buttons..

Step 2: Configure fields

In the following step, you determine the mapping of the individual fields. To do this, click on the field to be mapped within the system graphic (or alternatively on the button button for configuring fields). On the configuration page, you will find a field photo (which is updated on adding and removing components), a current mapping list and an overview of the specific field components, which you can add by clicking button for adding fields and components or remove again by clicking button for removing components. Components can only be added if there is still enough space available within the field for installation, otherwise the relevant message will be displayed. Clicking on the corresponding link takes you back to the system overview, where you can now configure, add or remove further fields.

Step 3: Send or print configuration

Once you have configured your system, you can now send us the data (incl. contact data and remarks) or print the data out. To do this, click on »Enquiry / Print«. You also have the facility of saving the system data on your local hard disk (»Save system«) and reading it back in again with »Load system«, if you would like to continue the configuration at a later time.

If you have any questions on the configurator or other products offered by us, please feel free to contact us:
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